CV    Showreel (40mb DivX)

Music in Maya: This animation was created using a custom plugin for Maya which allows animators to create music driven animations read more Download Mpeg2
Download Maya Plugin
Maya Based FSM: This animation was created using a series of motion captured breakdancing cycles and keyframed blends, the current motion of the character was determined using a Mel based Finite State Machine read more Download Mpeg2
Script Controled Game Engine: This game engine is written in C++ with OpenGL graphics. The game uses Lua scripting language to allow various aspects of the game to be modified without the need to recompile. read more Windows - .rar
Linux - .rar
QT Media Player: This media player was created using the same music analysis library as the MusicInMaya plugin. The application was made using the QT library read more Download for Linux
Khajuraho Animation: This animation was created by a group of 6 people. My responsibilities for the project were: Crowd Simulation, Dust Simulation, Jump/fall Animation.

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